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Climb Carstensz Pyramid

Danau-Danau Basecamp is the Latest Camp site before Summite of Mount Carstensz Pyramid 4884m, There is 3 way access by Trekking or Private Chopper

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Expedition by Trekking via Sugapa Village

Join Us for 2015 Exepdition to Cartensz Pyramid by Trekking via Sugafa Village, This Expedition will be Take about 14-16 Days

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Trip Schedule and Price

Come and Join With with many Years Experience for Carstensz International Pyramid Expedition 2015

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"This website is one of several websites belonging for Specialist Carstensz Pyramid Expedition - Is the Small Indonesia Adventure Travel. It is specifically telling you more about Carstensz Pyramid Expedition and our services to support your desire to reach Carstensz Peak 4884m asl".

CARSTENSZ PYRAMID 4,884 metres / 16,023 feet

Location      : West Papua Province, Indonesia
Range         : Sudirman Mountains
Coordinates : 4° 04' 73" S, 137°09' 57" E

Carstensz Pyramid call name is Puncak Jaya or Ngapulu Peak is the highest mountain in Australia-New Guinea Continent and in Oceania. Situated on range of Sudirman Mountains or Snow Mountains (former Nassau Mountain) in the western central highlands of Papua, it becomes the highest peak in the country.


CARSTENSZ PYRAMID 4,884 metres / 16,023 feet – as one of the world’s seven summit become unreasonable to climb
Location : West Papua Province, Indonesia Range : Sudirman Mountains oordinates : 4°5′S 137°11′ECoordinates: 4°5′S 137°11′E  Read More 

ImageOur Expedition Trip offers two route options of the Carstensz Pyramid Expedition program: first, trekking route crossing rainforest from Sugapa/Bilogai and second, by private helicopter from Nabire directly to Base Camp Danau – Danau valley. Check Our Schedule and Price